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Cake Deco. & Sugarc.

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Nr/år: 12

Nästa nr utkommer: 2019-07-09

Språk: Engelska

Beskrivning: Cake Decoration is the world s most-glamorous and influential cake-decorating magazine. Each issue comes crammed with fabulous cake projects, reader stories, celebrity interviews, and masses of hints and tips. Now thanks to Cake Decoration you can find out how to decorate like an expert with our step-by-step guides, all of which have been written especially for you by the world s finest cake designers. And when you ve finished creating, you can settle back with our interviews of the freshest talent in the game and read true-life stories of the cake makers to the stars! Whether you want a lavish wedding cake or some small projects for children, Cake Decoration s for you! World-class photography accompanies all our featured cakes, and of course, we have the top names in the business writing for us. Wedding cakes, novelty cakes, traditional cakes, modern cakes, formal cakes and fun cakes - they re all here in every issue of Cake Decoration magazine. It s the icing on your cake-making dreams.