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Objekt (Living In Styl

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Nr/år: 4

Språk: Engelska

Beskrivning: OBJEKT Living in Style is a premium publication for interior design and architecture with editorial features from around the world. The concept was founded in 1991 by Hans Fonk Publications of the Netherlands and a total of 24 books have been published since.

Interior design and decoration are so widespread these days that everyone seeking the highest level of inspiration has to wade through a wide range of international information. That is were OBJEKT comes in, filtering and providing information, free from passing fancies, a true editorial reflection of talents. OBJEKTs own productions and reports focus on the situation at the top of the international home furnishing and design market. Modern art, design, architecture, gardens, antiques and museums intermingle.

OBJEKT Living in Style is highly appreciated by the high-end consumers with a developed interest in quality interior and architecture items. We are particularly well read among professionals such as design studios, architects and interior-designers. Because of the style and presentation of the book, our readers tend to collect the volumes and read them more than once. OBJEKT Living in Style appears 3 times a year: in April, September and December.