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Papercraft Inspiration

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Nr/år: 13

Nästa nr utkommer: 2020-07-21

Språk: Engelska

Beskrivning: Papercraft Inspirations is the best magazine for all papercrafters - from beginners to experts. Our friendly, helpful approach will lead you through from your very first card to great scrapbooking pages, involving the whole family in the fun. Every month we ll feature 100 pages packed with fab cards and scrapbooking projects to make for all occasions. There s even a scrapbooking mini-mag inside! We ve got the best must-have buys and latest news to show you, and you can read about people just like you in true life stories and take a look at their cards and scrapbook pages in reader galleries. You ll also find great hints and tips to help you with the fab projects and make every step enjoyable. Best of all, every issue has a great courmounted gift, so you can get started straight away! Monthly.

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