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Wohnen Träume

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Nr/år: 6

Nästa nr utkommer: 2019-03-19

Språk: Tyska

Beskrivning: Wohnen Träume is the premium magazine for sophisticated living trends and high-Living Accessories: Living at its best. For an audience that can afford it and wants to adapt to the ambiance of this exclusive world of living. Wohnen Träume accompanied culture and style-oriented aesthetes in their search for quality, originality and individuality through the whole world. International home and building reports, actual furniture, kitchen and bathroom trends, cultural and historical expeditions of the highest level, the most beautiful colors and materials, appealing accessories and arrangements add to the attractive range of topics.The focus of Wohnen Träume is classic international lifestyle timeless luxury, as it is lived in privileged families for generations. Readers are in a phase of life where they can fulfill their dreams financially and also have the time to enjoy what we have achieved really.