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Future Music #7

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Nr/år: 13

Aktuellt nr: Future Music #7

Nästa nr utkommer: 2024-07-31

Språk: Engelska

Beskrivning: If you re into making music with technology in any shape or form, from computers and software synths to a room full of samplers, rack effects and keyboards, then Future Music is the magazine for you. Each month we test all the latest gear, as well as recommending the best albums and sample CDs to buy and rounding up affordable studio accessories.We also interview loads of electronic artists, featuring big-name stars such as Air, Goldie, Talvin Singh, OMD, David Holmes, The Orb and 4 Hero; and also the up-and-coming artists who, we reckon, are going to make it big. Our Making Music section brings you tips for your studio, guides you through the pitfalls of drum programming, shows you how to recreate Classic tracks such as Orbital s Chime or Fatboy Slim s, Santa Cruz, and gives you indispensable advice on, you guessed it, making music. As well as all these we bring you all the latest news, feature reader feedback, provide a comprehensive gear index AND include a cover CD which carries demos of all the latest gear, snippets from sample CD, tracks from the interviewees and plenty of software and interactive features on the CD-ROM section.