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Nr/år: 4

Nästa nr utkommer: 2024-07-24

Språk: Engelska

Beskrivning: Imagicasa magazine takes inspiration to an even higher level. Metropolitan luxury at its best Imagicasa strives to highlight exceptional and luxurious national and international projectson topics such as architecture, design, art,cars, hotels and an overall luxury lifestyle. The idea came about in 2014 when the editor in chief, Phaedra Hoste, made her passion for interiors and art which always took precedence in her life tangible with a website. Not much later, the concept expanded into a magazine that brings inspiring projects, architectural innovations and beautiful works of art to you. The creation of iconic furniture designs, the history of vintage cars and the latest yacht designs are also given a place at Imagicasa. We are a bit stubborn: we bringthe stories beautiful and interesting, but of course we do this in a respectfuland loving way. Imagicasa has developed her own style, which is recognized and appreciated by our readers and partners.

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