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The art of wine

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Nr/år: 2

Språk: Engelska/Italienska

Beskrivning: The Art of Wine: "MANINTOWN believes in the allure of wine and all that it represents, from its most convivial and forthright soul to the luxury and elegance that have transformed it today into one of the most desirable investments (and consolation) goods. Each issue will talk about wineries that have linked their work to that of painters, designers, sculptors, artisan, architects and musicians. Places and bottles to discover, savor and collect in the cellar. There will also be no shortage of trends driving the industry, with interviews with leading personalities, the most visionary projects and the stories of the pioneers who have been able to revolutionize the world of fine drinking. Art and design are based on imagination and design skills. Therefore, space is given to process innovations and the most curious vine growing systems with which over the centuries man has designed the landscape around him.

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